Artist Statement

So much of our lives is spent trying to comfort ourselves in the face of uncertainty. We want our children to be safe so we keep careful watch over them. We buy insurance policies, contribute to IRAs, wear seatbelts. We drink the same coffee from the same coffee shop every day because we know what will happen. But still we sense a lurking and so we avoid uncertainty, hoping to protect ourselves from the unknown.

When I am out in the world making photographs, the familiar babel in my head of foreboding, propriety, self-protection, possible bad outcomes, and unhappy accidents becomes irrelevant. The murky huzzbuzzle of voices proclaiming danger becomes pointless. In street photography, there is no such thing as an unhappy accident; happenstance and accident are, in fact, essential to the practice.

These photographs are each testimony to an uncommon moment — as the coincidence of light, shadow, angle, color, gesture arose before me — when fear had no dominion.